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Tentacle is an award winning animation and video production company,

we create unique and exciting content for corporate and broadcast.


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Whether its TV title sequences, idents, short films or full blown episodes, we have successfully delved into the world of broadcast. Find out how we can help you climb aboard and stand out.


We’ve had millions of advertising views. It isn’t always about watching your 30 second commercial on channel blah at half past whenever. Your market is specific to you and we will help you reach them.


Why bore the pants off your audience, when you could excite and inspire. Build up a resource that can bring people back time after time. We can help you educate your audience.




You might have the best product in the world… but what is it? What could be easier than explaining your product or service exactly how you want to, every single time.Let’s give it a go now.


Think really hard of the most bizarrely inconceivable entertaining thing possible. Now click here and see how we can bring it to life.


Leaflets, leaflets, poster, leaflets, bag of leaflets, brochure… oooooh what is this? An audio visual extravaganza, on an exhibition stand. Show me more.

About Us

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Join us for an exciting tour round the Tentacle Studio.

Tucked away in the back of beyond, this is where the magic happens!


The Tentacle Studio

The Tentacle Studio is a 2000sft warehouse that has been specifically kitted out for producing animations and videos. It has a large studio used for animating stop motion and puppet based projects as well as filming green screen footage and small studio productions. We also have the facilities to Live Stream a full multi-angle production with animation and graphics from our studio or on location. We have a large workshop area where props, sets and characters are created. Even in our digital 2d animations we often use tangible textures or painted backgrounds. The office area is where everything comes together. We have full HD editing and animation production facilities. All of our soundtracks are produced to suit the particular project and  are created in this area. 


The studio is located in the rural heartland of the UK but just 10 minutes from the M6 Stafford Junction. Making us ideally situated to travel anywhere in the UK. London is an hour train away as is Manchester. Birmingham takes 20 minutes by train or 30 minutes by car (on a good day). To find out more about us and our facilities check out our video tour!


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