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Passionately produced video content, telling stories, documenting awesomeness and portraying emotion. 

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The journey starts with storming brains, finding what you want to communicate and how best to do it. Styles, shapes, colours, sounds, words, smells whatever it is that inspires the message, we guide you finding a direction that will inspire and connect with the target audience. 


The Plan

The who, where, when and why from the ideas are brought in to order. Content and logistics are pinned down, scripts, styles and overall feel are refined and then a detailed schedule is produced. This keeps everyone on track with costing and time scales, while managing expectations and video direction. 



From a one camera, one day, one location, one subject shoot right up to a multiple camera angle, multiple location extravaganza, the experienced crew will keep things on track and looking good. Capturing the magic and executing the plan, it’s time for lights, camera, action. 


Post Production

Finding that perfect take, for the ideal edit, with perfect lighting, with the right sound design brings the ideas to reality. The project takes shape as any visual effects, unique soundtracks and graphics are added. Always keeping the audience in mind, the video is compiled to produce a striking and purposeful piece of media.



The preview video can either be provided as a digital physical copy, or uploaded to a secure password protected site making things easier for you. When watching for the first time it’s normal to want to trim a bit here, change the colour of a graphic, swap a shot round… so we do. Everything is about improving the end result to deliver that engaging film.



Whether the film is for online, broadcast or digital cinema we can provide the format that works for you. The projects are then securely stored in our archive, should you choose to revisit, reminisce or reprise your film. This makes potential future changes cost effective, all while building up a catalog of your own material.

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