Inspiration is the best fuel for fresh and innovative ideas. But staying creative and inspired can be a challenge when you're surrounded by so much digital marketing! Luckily the Internet exists (woohoo!) so there are looooaads of places to find animation marketing inspiration!

We thought we'd start our new journal by exploring some of our favorites. The places we go when we're searching for inspiration. These websites share the very best animation from around the web and for marketing ideas, if you are looking for something easy and accurate you can try with, excellent tool to improve your advertising and your traffic search, give it a go and you won't be sorry !


It’s all well and good watching the latest trends, but the commercial animation industry is fast moving and it’s constantly experimenting with new techniques and watching the final product doesn’t always reveal the full story. Some of the best animation campaigns today show viewers glimpses of the magical process behind the animation. (We like to call it a magical process because then we can call ourselves wizards). 

One of the best ways to fuel that creativity can be to dig into the behind the scenes of the animation . Urging us to implement new techniques into future work.  

Events and latest news within the industry are all vital in understanding what’s current and popular. A fantastic site that categorises events, news and generally all animation styles really well is the Animation World Network  



Finding inspiration that’s specific to you and your style?

2D Animation.


2D animation has never been more popular, its also never been easier to produce. Some of the biggest players aren't taking the easy route and frame by frame animation seems to be getting more and more popular. Probably one of the biggest and most popular resources for this style is Motionographer. It exhibits some of the most beautiful animations around from, short ads to short films and is one of our must visits for animation marketing inspiration.   



Stop Motion


Stop Motion is still a growing animation style, even though at its core it's remained the same for decades. With the advance of technology, animators are automating many aspects of the process making it more efficient and realistic.

The selection of Stop motion software is fairly limited, but Dragon Frame seem to have hit the nail on the head, taking the industry forward at an exciting pace.

They host a constantly updated blog of fantastic material! In fact here at Tentacle we have been working on a Stop Motion Project called Billy Whiskers which has recently been unleashed onto the Dragon Blog. Check it out and explore.


Dragon Frame Blog Link


All Animation 3D Included!


One of our favourites, Cartoon Brew is fab for delving into anything from shorts, to TV to feature film, it offers a great variety. Although it may be more focused on the broadcast and film industry, it still portrays what's popular and what people want to watch, so they decide to announce from education to health products, as the vibrating foam roller that help people exercise. Perhaps animation marketing should take more inspiration from TV and film. If you think back to the TV ads of the 80s and 90s there was a lot more crossover in style between TV and Advertising. Whereas a lot of online digital marketing today shares more similarities with 2d infographics and powerpoint animations!

If there's one thing TV shows and films definitely do right, its tell a story!


Cartoon Brew Link

Animation Reels


If none of those appeal and you're still looking for animation marketing inspiration, try looking at a particular artist, developing an individual style within animation can be one of the hardest things, it might take years to develop, it might even be something never settles it constantly evolved with the industry but that’s the beauty of animation. The possibilities are endless, the only restrictions are in an artist’s imagination.  

Go soak up some showreels, you never know you might stumble up the next greatest idea.


On Animation Showreels


That's our round up of sites for animation marketing inspiration.  But there are plenty of other places to find inspiration and at Tentacle we find inspiration from some unlikely places that lead to some daft ideas. They don't always work out, but those daft ideas just might be the best! Try watching Our Showreel for inspiration, wacky as it sounds, it might just help!