...there are only 3 main reasons to use animated content in marketing and this is why.

Snow White Queen

reference* http://greganimationart.blogspot.com

Lets step away from the business world of brand marketing animation for a moment and get a little perspective.

It’s easy to look back at old 2D Disney hand drawn cell animations and see the massive contrast to the 3D Pixar photo realistic productions. But we still go back time and time again to watch these original animations. As a viewer we are even compelled to announce ‘I love this film’, often calling them timeless or classic.

3d animation examples

reference* https://www.etonline.com/movies/221368_disney_pixar_animation_at_d23_2017_coco_toy_story_wreck_it_ralph

Characters change from our favourite childhood shows and cultural evolution changes the writing style. Essentially what tugs on the heart strings of nostalgia is still there, even if our favourite voice actors and artists aren’t.

This isn’t the case however with brand marketing animation in business. Content begins to look dated, banjo music with finger clicks becomes cliche and the constant evolution of business and branding, means there is never a chance for things to become timeless.

There are parallels that can be drawn between the entertainment and business worlds. After all if we are entertained, we are more likely to engage. More engagement means more potential clients or end users interaction. And a business only exists because it has a client or customer base.

Animated content has become easier to access and often putting the creative control with the business owner, rather than the creative specialist or customer requirements first. There are countless tools and services offering cheap and fast animation. When looking at the numbers or bottom line on investment, it is easy to see that these may be an attractive option. But they come at a great cost in the long run.

We’re always advised to seek out experts in their field.

In the words of one our international coffee clients “I know how to make green beans go brown and you know how to tell people about it. So we do what we’re good at and everyone wins”.

At a time when the market place is flooded with self generated content, it is more important than ever to seek out that professional advice.

So the only way to appreciate the value of animation, is to understand why you would want to produce it in the first place.

REASON 1 is to spark a debate:

‘Better Humans’ is an obscure neon journey through the possibility of gene editing. Something considered a very serious and significant subject matter, is explored here through a very surreal eye. This approach to the animation opens the debate in a way that is not preaching right or wrong, but suggesting that the free thinking viewer is capable to explore further, as thoughts and ideas remain with the viewer long after the animation has finished.

REASON 2 is to educate the viewer: 

Dumb ways to die was originally created as a PSA focussed on rail safety. A Quirky, fun, engaging, character based animation coupled with a quirky song and catchy chorus, has led to a global brand with a serious message at it’s core. Numerous games, apps and further animations are continually evolving, with the original Dumb ways to die notching up over 174 million views on youtube alone.

REASON 3 is to get a return on the investment:

‘Battle Culture’ by Nike is a unique animated mixed media celebration of sport and culture. Appreciating the mix of art, sport, community and the energy they bring as they are combines in an high energy accessible montage. This approach to content encourages the viewer to engage in order to be a part of something bigger. Spend your money here and you are in the team.

In the grand scheme of marketing and content, it leads us to think about what it means to become timeless as a brand. Disney will always be Disney because of the content they produce, not always because of the mouse that kicked off things all those years ago. Likewise, your brand can be timeless, because it is willing to experiment, provoke debate, be unique and be… animated.