Powerful content needs great visuals! So how do you make your images stand out from the crowd?

There’s so much out there even the great stuff blends in, which is never a good thing if an important message needs to be heard! Make sure your content is on trend, effective content marketing is all about keeping a constant stream of fresh, new and exciting material. If you’re an artist that creates a one off masterpiece, you’re never going to be as noticed as an artist that creates a variety of masterpieces and spreads it out to their audience. Remember, creative continuity not only shows off your skill it also shows that you can reliably create content that can hit the message, something people are always keen to know especially if pushing a large campaign!

(*credit Tang Yau Hoong)

‘Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun.’ 

Albert Einstein

Illustration encompasses an increasing variety of weird and wonderful styles, however its always out to do one thing... grab our attention! Whether it’s a vibrant multicolored character on the side of a bus stop or a wacky and outrageous scene on the page of a children’s book, illustration is becoming more and more creative in communicating a message to its viewers.

Illustration is art with a clear purpose. A purpose tell a story, show a message and get noticed. Illustration is a good way for an artist to express themselves. It’s a wonderfully versatile format which can adapt to so many needs. It can be used to demonstrate or show a product or service, even show or tell a story in a brand or within a book. Illustration has blown up massively in the last couple of years as its much more personable, it can be tailored to clients needs much more than a conventional stock image. Which is a trend that thank goodness is dying out!

Illustration is a weapon, but animation….

Anyway, you know illustration on its own can be a weapon! But when it’s brought to life through the power of animation, it opens the doors to a whole new universe! Viewer retention is becoming stronger and messages clearer. People are seeing beyond the offerings of a static image, looking into the greater advantages of moving images. Things can be demonstrated with or without sound. It’s a wonderfully experimental realm that like minded artists can collaborate on to make a truly unique message.

Cartoon Network LATAM - 25 Years from Le Cube on Vimeo.

Case Study : Storybots

So what does it look like when you successfully combine animation and illustration together in content marketing. Well, let me show you an example.

Storybots, this is a brand aimed at learning and fun for children. Its brand is easily relatable through a variety of different illustrated mediums. These are then integrated into a constant stream of animation material all launched on various platforms like, youtube, netflix, twitter, facebook etc… the list goes on! The fact is that you have probably heard or seen it in one form or the other. This demonstrates its widespread marketing attack!

Its messages are simple but effective, they all follow an effective format. All its visuals are incredibly engaging. The variety in the design keeps the viewer interested, it draws you in.

So can illustration and animation work for you?

The simple answer is yes, it can help pretty much anything. It is important to know your brand’s core values, message and audience. Once you have these you can look at a creative solution to express a message.  

Illustration and animation within marketing is almost timeless, it can be easily adapted to trends and can be a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It can be a timely process getting it right but understanding your approach to content marketing and seeing what works allows you to successfully push a brand that can be enjoyed by its target audience.

Good luck and remember, nothing is too ridiculous, work backwards from a crazy idea and use creatives around you to steer you in the right direction.